Biro Comics/the Book of Ethan Chapter 2

1 And it came to pass that whilst Ethan was toiling upon the face of the paper, upon which he did toil in an effort to bring forth his comics, a voice of reason did speak unto him, saying:

2 Ethan, your toil is not without fruit, the pages that thou hast produced, yea pages that thou hast even pulled from the void of the face of the blank paper, these are good and faithful pages.

3 Yet, heretofore, in thy many, many hours of toil, thou hast brought forth but few pages. Verily thou hast spent many and more hours on each page and the pace at which thou hast produced these pages is frankly like very, very slow.

4 Thy pages look fairly good, this I freely admit, but likewise thou shouldst freely admit that the creation of these pages is very, very, particularly slow.

5 Ethan, the voice continued, shouldst thou wish to complete thy large and many paged story, perhaps thou shouldst seek a more efficient and swift way of producing work. 

6 To this end, I command you to take up thy simple and thy humble biro and to draw short stories. Yea, to pull forth from the blank and deep void of the face of the paper short, simple, unrefined but hopefully worthwhile stories that might be enjoyed, maybe, perhaps, no-promises-though. 

7 Moreover, do these 'Biro Comics', Ethan as I have commanded you, that thou might learn lessons.

8 Yea, do this Ethan and thou shall, maybe, probably, no-promises-though, be blessed with new understanding and confidence to make thy pages with more haste. Amen.


I'm gonna try and to these Biro Comics at least semi-regularly.